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MBSR Onlinekurs – Stressbewältigung durch Achtsamkeit (engl.)

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  1. WOCHE 1

    Welcome and Introduction
    1 Quiz
  2. Exercise: “Mindful Eating” (Raisin Exercise)
  3. Theory-Input: What is MBSR?
  4. My wishes and expectations for the course
  5. Text for better understanding of stress management
  6. My burdens in everyday life
  7. Exercise: “Body Scan”
  8. Download and exercise suggestions
  9. Quiz about contents of the first week
    1 Quiz
  10. WOCHE 2
    1 Quiz
  11. Exercise: “Walking Meditation”
  12. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  13. Exercise: “9-point exercise”
  14. Example solution of the “9-point exercise”
  15. Theory input: The autopilot
  16. Mental coping strategies
  17. Exercise: “13-Minutes Sitting Meditation”
  18. Download and exercise suggestions
  19. Quiz about contents of the second week
    1 Quiz
  20. WOCHE 3
    1 Quiz
  21. Exercise: “Listening meditation”
  22. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  23. Reflection of the perception exercise “Documentation of pleasant events”
  24. Exercise: “Lemon exercise”
  25. Theory input: Being at home in the body
  26. Exercise: “Mindful Body Exercise”
  27. Download and exercise suggestions
  28. Quiz about contents of the third week
    1 Quiz
  29. WOCHE 4
    1 Quiz
  30. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  31. Reflection: “Documentation of unpleasant events”
  32. Theory input: What is stress and how does it work?
  33. Self-reflection exercise: “How stressed am I?”
    1 Quiz
  34. My stress experiences
  35. Mindfulness in the workplace
  36. Exercise: “23-Minute Sitting Meditation”
  37. Download and exercise suggestions
  38. Quiz about contents of the fourth week
    1 Quiz
  39. WOCHE 5
    1 Quiz
  40. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  41. Theory Input: Stress Exacerbating Thoughts
  42. My stress intensifiers
  43. Note on the course half-time
  44. Exercise: “42-Minute Sitting Meditation
  45. Download and exercise suggestions
  46. Quiz on contents of the fifth week
    1 Quiz
  47. WOCHE 6
    1 Quiz
  48. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  49. Exercise: “Enabling and hindering feelings” including reflection
  50. Conducive attitudes
  51. Theory Input: Mindful and Nonviolent Communication
  52. Exercise: “Mindful communication” with reflection of the exercise “Observation and documentation of difficult communication in everyday life”
  53. Reflection: “Mindful Communication”
  54. Setting boundaries
  55. Presentation “Day of Mindfulness” (in silence)
  56. Download and exercise suggestions
  57. Quiz about contents of the sixth week
    1 Quiz
  58. WOCHE 7
    1 Quiz
  59. Exercise: “Loving kindness”
  60. Reflection of the exercise proposals
  61. Theory input: Self-care
  62. Reflection: “Self-care in personal everyday life”.
  63. Exercise: “Breathing Space”
  64. Set priorities
  65. Compassion Exercise: “Temple of Healing”
  66. Download and exercise suggestions
  67. Quiz on contents of the seventh week
    1 Quiz
  68. WOCHE 8
    1 Quiz
  69. Exercise: “Body Scan while standing”
  70. Theory input: Mindful eating
  71. Reflection on the exercise suggestions and motivation for the future
  72. My new plan of action
  73. Review
  74. Outlook
  75. Download and exercise suggestions
  76. Quiz about contents of the course
    1 Quiz
  77. Farewell
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Fragen zum Befinden in Woche 1 Copy

Your well-being is close to my heart, so I would like to ask you some questions about how you are feeling. Don’t worry too much, there are no right or wrong answers! Thank you and I hope you enjoy the course session. 

*Bitte kläre vorab mit deiner Krankasse ab, wie viel und ob sie den Kurs bezuschussen. Das kann je nach Krankenkasse variieren. Angaben ohne Gewähr.