Mindful Minds Management GmbH

Germany’s first agency for mindfulness coache

Mindful Minds Management GmbH serves as an agency that connects companies with mindfulness coaches. As a professional service provider we know how to spot the individual needs of companies and in turn find the perfect mindfulness coach. We founded Mindful Minds Management GmbH in 2018, since the request for mindfulness coaching has grown rapidly in the last years. Increasingly more companies are interested in the potential of mindfulness and the resulting increase in productivity and reduction of stress within their staff. Especially in companies with high stress risk mindfulness is gaining importance.

That’s what we stand for:



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Our Team

Günter Bubbnik

Mindfulness Coach and CEO

Kathrin Schöning

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Hannah Menzel

Assistance of the management

Julia Wang

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Celina Mai

Team HR

Quirin Stettenfeld

Project management

Frederike Adammek

Project management

Alexander Bohner


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Aylin Derin

Marketing Managerin

Saskia Broch

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Laura Petereit

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Online Kurse

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