Feeling stressed out?

Every other employee complains about being pressed for time. One out of three experience pressure to achieve a heavy load of different tasks. For instance, 68% of employees in Bavaria consider themselves put under pressure. Thanks to mindfulness you can optimize work processes effectively and efficiently as well as widen your scope of actions. Stress and pressure while working may be avoided. Our instructors show you the way.

Having workplace-related issues?

55% of surveyed employees consider the working atmosphere to be contributing to the general well-being. Appreciation, trust and respect count among the most important requirements for an atmosphere of comfort at one’s workplace. Practicing mindfulness accounts for a state of inner peace, that translates to the interaction with the environment. Hereby it paves the way for satisfaction and motivation while working. Benefit from our guided practices, and return to welcoming every Monday in good spirit!


The last decade has witnessed a trebling of burnout cases among employees. As a result, product failures cost the national economy 85 billion euros in 2018. Meditative exercises help to minimize sudden staff deficits and support the prevention of mental issues such as burnout and depression. Our exercises do not replace a visit to the doctor. They rather prevent employees from feeling the necessity of visiting a doctor in the first place.

About us

We proudly represent the first agency for professional mindfulness coaches specialized in corporate needs. Thanks to our special concept employees and superiors see themselves well prepared for challenges at the workplace as well as in their personal lives.Besides, we demonstrate how to focus on the positive aspects of life. After all, satisfaction and resiliency constitute vital skills, especially in our fast-paced, modern society.

What we do

We offer single sessions, group coaching and workshops with regard to mindfulness at the workplace, many of which are accessible online. You can decide for yourself when and where you want to profit from these professional mindfulness practices. We will gladly assemble your staff online or make a visit on the spot. Our concept consists of diverse high-quality components, which we adjust to meet everyone’s individual needs. By relying on individual solutions we help you to perfectly accomplish your goals.


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